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The Parkersburg News and Sentinel and Marietta A.M. print anniversary announcements starting with the 25th and in increments of five thereafter. Anniversary information must be at the Parkersburg News Society Department no later than the Tuesday morning preceding the Sunday it is to run. If more announcements are received than space permits, as many will be printed as possible, with others appearing in a future edition of The News and Sentinel.

All articles will be edited to conform to newspaper style.

To have your photograph published in color, please arrange $25 payment before publication. Black and white photographs are published for free. Both can be uploaded from the next page of the Virtual Newsroom.

Photographs may be picked up after the announcement runs in the paper, or may be mailed back if a SASE is provided. Photographs are kept on file for 30 days after publication. The newspaper cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged photographs and those not mailed back or picked up within the time frame.

Every announcement submitted must include a contact name and number.

Please include the following

1. Couple's first and last names and their address.
2. The number of years of marriage being celebrated.
3. Date of celebration.
4. Time and place of celebration.
5. Who is holding the celebration?
6. Date of Original Ceremony.
7. Place where ceremony was held.
8. Who officiated?
9. Name of wife's parents. (If they are deceased, please put "the late" in front of their names)
10. Name of husband's parents. (If they are deceased, please put "the late" in front of their names)
11. Names and cities of children.
12. Number of grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
13. Wife's employment. (Indicate if retired)
14. Husband's employment: (indicate if retired)
15. Please state if you would like to include that gifts should be omitted, but cards would be appreciated. (Optional)

For help with submitting information contact webmaster

If your news hasn't appeared in the newspaper please contact Jess Mancini @ 304.485.1891 or via E-Mail.

The editor reserves the right to edit the content of all submissions for publication including photos for quality and content.
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