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†††† DEADLINE for The Times Leaderís daily publication is 10 a.m. at the Martins Ferry office, three days preceding the publication date. Deadline for the Sunday edition is the preceding Monday at noon.
††††Items such as club dates, church women, twigs, garden clubs and dances will not be accepted over the phone. Every item submitted should include a name and phone number in case further information is needed. All items are printed as space permits. We reserve the right to edit submitted copy to fit our standard format.
†††† ITEM SUBMISSION: Submit your photos and announcements by emailing them to, through our virtual newsroom, or by mailing them or dropping them off at The Times Leader, ATTN: Lifestyles, 200 S. 4th Street, Martins Ferry, Ohio, 43935. Payment should be included when dropping off or mailing items.
†††† WEDDINGS: Only weddings which occur on the weekend of publication will be used on Sunday, and run with a 2-column picture. Weddings which are submitted late, (after noon on Monday), or after the wedding, will be published in the Saturday paper 2-column picture. We reserve the right to edit submitted copy to fit our standard format. No descriptions of bridal gowns will be used. Color wedding photographs, 2-column, will be printed at a cost of $20. Information used and other guidelines are the same as those for black and white weddings.
†††† ANNIVERSARIES: Current pictures of couples celebrating a wedding anniversary will be used at five-year intervals, beginning with the 25th anniversary (for example, 25th, 30th, 35th, etc.); wedding anniversaries will be used at one-year intervals after the 60th anniversary. Write-ups will be used beginning with 25th anniversary. We reserve the right to edit submitted copy to fit our standard format. A 2-column space will be allocated for anniversary pictures with couples having the option of running a 2-column current picture OR a 1-column current picture and a 1-column picture taken around the time of the nuptials. Couples may choose to run their anniversary announcement in color on Sundays only. Cost is $20, payable in advance.
†††† ENGAGEMENTS: Engagement announcements are printed on Sundays only, with a 1-column photo of the couple. Information should include who is announcing the engagement, i.e., her parents, both sets of parents or the couple themselves. Education and employment should be submitted for the couple and an expected wedding date. We reserve the right to edit submitted copy to fit our standard format. Deadline is noon on Monday.
†††† BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENTS: Childrenís birth announcements will be published on Sundays with a 1-column photo of the child only. We reserve the right to edit submitted copy to fit our standard format. Cost is $10, payable in advance. Information used includes: childís name, birth date, weight, length, hospital, parentsí names and address, siblings names and ages, grandparents (living or deceased), living great-grandparents, godparents. No terms of endearment permitted.
†††† CHILDRENíS BIRTHDAYS: There is a $10 charge for publishing childrenís birthday pictures, payable in advance. We reserve the right to edit submitted copy to fit our standard format. Information used includes: parentsí names, address, age, siblings, grandparents (living or deceased), living great-grandparents and godparents and party theme information. Age limit is 12 years. We will make every attempt to include picture on requested date. If no date is requested, birthday picture will be printed on childís birthday. Information and picture must be submitted at least three days in advance of requested publication day for the daily paper and the preceding Monday by noon for the Sunday The Times Leader. No terms of endearment permitted. No photos of siblings together will be used except in the case of twins, triplets, etc.
†††† PHOTOS: Photos can be up to 8 inches by10 inches in size. Photos with light colored backgrounds reproduce best. Please, no soft focus. Photos will be mailed back if a self-addressed, stamped envelope is submitted. Otherwise, the pictures can be picked up at the newspaper offices after publication.
†††† FIVE GENERATIONS: Photos of families with five generations present will be run as space permits. Information should include identification of all subjects, as well as relationships and occasion on which the photo was taken. We reserve the right to edit all submitted copy.
†††† DATEBOOK: No items will be accepted over the phone. Submissions may be made by email, fax, regular mail or by dropping off at our office during regular business hours. Only non-profit items will be included in this section. Absolutely NO political events.
†††† QUESTIONS: Questions concerning items for the Lifestyles Department should be directed to Shaunna Dunder Hershberger, lifestyles editor, at 740-633-1131 ext. 738 or Deb Curnes at 740-633-1131 ext. 737.

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