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Society announcements are FREE, and can include an original photograph or good-quality scan. Submitted items will be published as soon as possible.

Deadline for submission of engagement, wedding and anniversary announcements is noon Monday for publication Sunday. The announcements will run in the Sunday paper as space allows. Please submit then as soon after the event as possible. Photographs may accompany the announcement. There is no charge for the publication of an engagement, wedding or anniversary announcements. Contact our office about charges associated with running your photo in color.

If you want to submit a photo electronically, it must fit the following criteria: Any photo submitted to us for publication must be a minimum of 200 dpi. The photo be sent to us as a JPEG file (with the extension .jpg or .jpeg) We cannot accept a Web quality low-resolution (72 dpi) photo. A headshot should be at least 2 inches wide and a group shot should be at least 6 inches wide (if it is horizontal) or 6 inches deep (if it is vertical).

The editor reserves the right to decide whether a photograph is suitable for reproduction.

To submit a photo, please follow the directions after you enter your text on the following pages.


Birthdays in five-year increments after 75 years



Five generations



For help with submitting information contact webmaster

If your news hasn't appeared in the newspaper please contact Jess Mancini @ 304.485.1891 or via E-Mail.

The editor reserves the right to edit the content of all submissions for publication including photos for quality and content.
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