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    Obituaries in The Marietta Times are both free and paid. Please use the following guidelines when submitting an obituary.
     A death notice containing specific information outlined below will be free. If a death notice is not published, the first 6 lines of an obituary will be free. As examples, if the text portion (excluding headline) of a services-pending death notice is 8 lines long, it will be considered a free death notice and will not be billed. If the death notice becomes a full obituary the next day, which is the case many times, the full length of that obituary will be billed because the six free lines will have been used in the death notice. The obituary, though, must begin with the deceased person’s name
     The free death notice will contain only the name, age and town of the deceased. Date of death, time and place of calling hours and time and place of service. No other information will be included in the free death notice.
    Photos and logos with obituaries are billed for the five lines that the photo add to the obit. Photos may be included with a death notice but will have a charge of $13.75.
     If we incorrectly publish information supplied to us, we will rerun the obituary and charge for the correct publication only.
     If there is incorrect information supplied to us, we will bill for any subsequent additional publication of the full obituary information.
    If a family simply wants to run an obituary more than once, they may do so and will have a 25 percent discount off the price of the second publication. The second running of the obituary should occur within seven days of the first running.
     Your invoice for the obituary will include a $7.50 online charge. Free death notices in the newspapers will be free online. Charged obituaries in the newspaper will have the $7.50 online fee. Internet users around the world view online obituaries more than 250,000 times a month.
     The line rate for an obituary in The Marietta Times is $2.75 per line for publication.
    Obits that are also submitted to The Parkersburg News and Sentinel will incur additional charges from that newspaper.

Death Notice (free)

Obituary (paid)


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If your news hasn't appeared in the newspaper please contact Jennifer Houtman @ (740) 373-2121 or via E-Mail.

The editor reserves the right to edit the content of all submissions for publication including photos for quality and content.
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