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    Every month, The Marietta Times offers area readers "Thrive!," a self-help magazine which focuses on a variety of health and wellness issues of interest for families, adults, seniors and children. This monthly guide offers information and tips to stay healthy and get stronger – mind, body and spirit. Features include:
    • The latest health issues
    • New medical treatments
    • Exercise advice and tips
    • Diet concerns
    • Mental & Spiritual wellbeing
    • Calendar of local health-related events
    • Local health and medical news
    Thrive! announcements are FREE, and can include an original photograph or good-quality scan. Submitted items will be published as soon as possible.
    If you want to submit a photo electronically, it must fit the following criteria: Any photo submitted to us for publication must be a minimum of 200 dpi. The photo be sent to us as a JPEG file (with the extension .jpg or .jpeg) We cannot accept a Web quality low-resolution (72 dpi) photo. A headshot should be at least 2 inches wide and a group shot should be at least 6 inches wide (if it is horizontal) or 6 inches deep (if it is vertical).
    The editor reserves the right to decide whether a photograph is suitable for reproduction.
    To submit a photo, please follow the directions after you enter your text on the following pages.


Story Ideas


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The editor reserves the right to edit the content of all submissions for publication including photos for quality and content.
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