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The Maui News welcomes general information of interest to Maui County residents. News items are published for free and can include a photo -- either a portrait or a photo showing a business.

Publication of general news items is based on editorial and news judgment. Items are published once.

News items should be submitted at least 10 days and no sooner than 14 days before publication. A request for a publication date should be shown prominently at the beginning of a news release. Otherwise, publication will be as soon as time and space allows. Items should be submitted with the name and day/evening phone numbers of someone who can be reached for more information.
Digital photos can be submitted.

Photos should be submitted in color. Also, people appearing in photos need to be clearly identified in the text of the e-mail message. The photographer also should say what's happening in the photo, where it is and what time and date the photo was taken.

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For help with submitting information contact webmaster

If your news hasn't appeared in the newspaper please contact City Desk @ (808) 242-6343 or via E-Mail.

The editor reserves the right to edit the content of all submissions for publication including photos for quality and content.
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